MentorshipRevolution Monthly Newsletter The 6th Edition

Author: Hannah Lassiter Aka Founder of MentorshipRevolution

Hi MentorshipRevolution family! I am excited to be writing the 6th official official Newsletter Edition. Since I started MentorshipRevolution in June of this year I have been trusting in God with this business and the mission it must fulfill. I know it wasn’t by coincidence that I found this business, and therefore the grace of God has kept me faithful and enthusiastic. The race we run in this life depends on our devotion and faithfulness to the goal (we have created). This week I would like to discuss “Loving others as you love yourself”. Keep reading to follow the story….. 👀

The topic loving others as you love yourself is actually very relevant to being a teacher or mentor. I know love is used to convey strong meanings, and we normally don’t expect to hear a teacher say I love you. But in the case of a teacher/mentor being love towards their students- actions speak louder than words. It can be determined whether a teacher love their students by how much they enjoy their job and how optimistically they teach and pass on information & knowledge. Love in the case of being a leader makes significant difference. If love isn’t the motivator, then what is? Money, attention, or just doing a hobby? None of these are dangerous in themselves, but love makes more positive difference then them all.

Hopefully you have had the chance to view my Part 4 Affirmation Series : I am Love. It was created to speak and affirm “how we are all rooted in love”. Love is the reason for your existence. If love isn’t within somewhere in a system- it will eventually destroy itself. We all need positive examples of love to be motivated in life. Self love is the love that helps every individual sustain itself. It urges a person to keep moving with the flow of life. The love within relationships, communities, and families is the love that requires every person loving others as they love themself. For any of these to remain strong we have to practice the art of loving others daily. Ways we practice love is by helping, teaching, giving, and listening to each other. This very definition is at the foundation of MentorshipRevolution existence. I invite you to join us and come along for this revolutionary journey- in the 21st century! I am very excited about what God is doing in the present and what we will ses occur in the future.

– Love Hannah❤


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