Dealing With Being Underestimated

Author: Hannah Lassiter

How do we deal with others underestimating us? Underestimation is tough and unpleasant. It feels like someone standing before you and judging you as being unworthy or incapable. I think many of us have dealt with underestimation, and it is an uncomfortable feeling/experience that can haunt us the rest of our lives. Imagine experiencing underestimation in a large degree- on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis. It digs at your confidence and makes you question your potential to be great. Well, I want you to know this article will deaden the argument of whether or not you are great. Because we all are!

Why People Underestimate Other People?

First off lets address why people underestimate other people. It doesn’t make sense, right? Why would you do to others what you hate being done to you? Well, one reason we underestimate others or others underestimate us is because as human beings we judge by appearances. As the saying goes we judge by what we see with our eyes- sight..Consciously we have been taught or told what someone should like or how someone should act. We all have our created protocol. When someone doesn’t fit that protocol we doubt them. This doubt could take form in whether they are cool, pretty, interesting, or the best person for the job. Honestly, all people who underestimate aren’t bad people. Because we all have used this tool in our trade box. To make “wise” judgements and decisions.

Secondly, underestimation occurs because we have negative opinions or views of something or someone. It could be us being honest about this or just disliking what we see. In either situation we underestimate this something or someone because we have written a critical analysis on their behavior and performance. In our minds they have let us down.

Another main reason underestimation happens is because of comparison..This goes back to the idea that we all have this image in mind of the right person or thing- success. Ex. Anna did it this way and it worked. Here is what she did do and here is what she didn’t do. If someone steps out of the safety zone in our minds (of how things should be done) we will likely begin to doubt that they will do things right- or have a successful end. You have to follow protocol, right?

Is Underestimation Only Bad?

Now that we have viewed various angles of how underestimation looks in our real lives- lets decide whether it is only bad or may be good and bad. Upon me looking up the definition for underestimation I found meanings such as “estimating something to be small or unimportant” and “to think of something being low in ability”. Both definitions align with the views I have described so far. Now is Underestimation really that bad?

Underestimation based on its definition can be good or bad. While typically viewed as mean and unfair- it can actually work in either favor. If you are using this towards others, well that can be cruel. But it also depends on other factors that have to be judged also. It is safe to say we should not underestimate others based on their appearance. This is why infestations of the mind/world like racism, gender bias, and discrimination occur. We all have been declared human, and therefore deserve a chance to show what we have. Like teachers taught us in school: “Every one has to get a turn”.

On the other hand underestimation might be smart when we are making decisions or taking action in day to day life. This involves us weighing what is most important right now, priorities, what is safe/smart, and what we should just do away with. I think we can say it like this: Underestimation is okay in certain situations or choices we have to make, but never okay when we are deciding how to treat others.

What Are You Thinking Now?

We have studied the term “underestimation” , and gave it a fair review. Now, what do you think about it? Have your mind been opened to what this word means in the big scheme of things? I dedicated an entire article to why underestimation occurs because it is often asked or wondered. We hate being underestimated and even hate seeing others being treated that way- once it is made know. After reading this article I hope many people will see underestimation in a new light. Know that you may deal with this in your life, but it is only a tiny matter in deciding what you can do. Keep shooting for the stars and making those lifetime goals!


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