MentorshipRevolution 7th Newsletter

MentorshipRevolution Monthly Newsletter 7th Edition

Author/Founder of MR: Hannah Lassiter

Hey Family! I can say that comfortably by now..We have been on this journey together for awhile now. Hopefully you have given MentorshipRevolution a chance and became acquainted with our mission, website, and educational resources. It is always important to wear your representation proudly, so I will gladly remind everyone reading of MR’s mission. The Mission of MentorshipRevolution is to help sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century. Simple, but profound. That one statement is the foundation of an entire revolution. As of now this revolution is totally free of charge, and only seeks to invite other like minded- open minded- knowledge seeking individuals to join!

If you are familiar with the routine by now- every newsletter I have a topic of discussion (a focus). This newsletter we will discuss “Why Students are Special”. Yes, I said students are special! We always speak about the hard work teachers have to put forth, and the daily sacrifices they make for their job. Currently I am in college with a minor in education, so I agree wholeheartedly that teachers deserve recognition and reward for the commitment they give to the education system..But today I think we should remind ourselves why teachers are doing the job they do.

It all points back to the students- the children they are teaching. The minds teachers encounter on an everyday basis are flexible, shapeable, and sometimes immature. Part of the teacher’s job is to help a child mold, mature, and become confident. Teachers can’t force this to happen( as if it is magic), but instead they work hard on a daily basis because they believe in the youth. Teachers believe in the value of education, and an educated mind. Teachers are wise (or should be) and this wisdom they hold makes them authority figures in their students lives. Students desire to have a teacher that is relatable, interesting, confident, and considerate. Kind of like the boss you desire to have when you work at a corporate job. As a matter of fact if you are the boss that doesn’t tend to be relatable, interesting, confident, and considerate your employees will not embrace your presence or leadership. Imagine if we understood that teachers can be a good boss or a bad boss. Good teacher- student relationships will increase once they learn to understand and embrace each other (positions). Remember this: teachers needs students to enjoy teaching, and students need teachers to enjoy learning.

Think you for reading MentorshipRevolution 7th Edition Newsletter. It is because of you that we are growing and thriving! As the founder I created MR to openly inspire others through community and mentorship❤


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