Affirmation Series Part 15: Unleashed Prosperity

Preparation before the release

One thing you must understand is that before you soar you must learn to spread your wings.

Spreading wings, that comes easy right? It should come quite naturally?

Well, that isn’t necessarily the case. Because as we all learn once we become adults watching others do it is easier than us doing it ourselves.

Learning to spread your wings must become a habitual practice or something that you are unafraid of and a process that you trust.

For some of us we are divers, risk takers, and adventurous. Meanwhile some of us were taught to live life more safely and traditionally.

For certain; there will be preparation before the release.

Whether you view it as divine intervention or guidance, learning stage, or training.

In this season I hope you are expecting unleashed prosperity, but as well make sure you are preparing like you never have before!

This time around the release will be a cup runneth over👏🏽


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