The MR Podcast (It’s Thriving)

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We have reached 700 plays/downloads.

It is impertinent that as an entrepreneur you celebrate every milestone.

Comparison is the last thing on our mind here at MentorshipRevolution.

We love staying in our lane, and I think that even with all the sacrifices and risks I have taken (to produce everything we do) that I love this community to pieces still.

I must think every guest I have had on The MR Podcast in 2020: Terry M., Tamara H, Dr. Froswa, Brianna S., and Micha G.

It has been a blast having you all speak on this platform from a heart of kindness, enthusiasm, and genuine fondness of things I personally admire (striving to stand for on a daily basis).

Remember listeners if you have a particular guest you would like to see and hear on The MR Podcast or if you have any topics you would like to submit to be featured- let us know!

Email us at

This is only the beginning if God would bless us with many more successful years to come❤️

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