Everything in Motion….

I am ready to begin this Vision Board Course, which I have said 1,000 times to myself and to you guys.

I am doing so much right now in my life. There are so many duties, tasks, obligations, and events I am entitled to. I am not a complainer, but I am carrying a bulky load right now.

Everything is in Motion though for sure. A few days ago this week I created an entire video that ended up being almost 35 mins.

It was for the Vision Board Course, and I had plans to upload it to YouTube. Well, since the video is so long it will take almost an entire day to upload that specific video.

Y’all know that can’t work for me. Especially since I am a full time college student, working there jobs, and running my own business.

Anyways, we are going forward and I am excited that I launched this course. We will have fun!


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