Saturday Smart Deal* Snack Edition

Hello MR Community!

Guess where I am & what I am doing on a Saturday since 830 am?

I have been in a tutor training retreat! Remember those three jobs I mentioned I had? One of them is being a speech lab tutor.

Which that isn’t bad at all. Being a tutor goes neck to neck with what I do best, but it requires serious investment.

Investing in yourself & your present/future is a lifetime pursuit.

Today, I have a Smart Deal! Hint: This is the snack edition.

I love these organic gummy bears. Black Forest is becoming my guilty pleasure.

They are fat free, gluten free, and have only real sources and flavors. Forget artificial.

Even worse, they now have them sitting in my school cafeteria. So, what am I going to do now?

Go crazy😆

I need you to treat yourself today, and buy you a bag of black Forest organic gummy bears. Or maybe you prefer inorganic. It is all up to you!

Here is the link to those gummy bears:

In this purchase you will receive an 11 ounce bag of gummy bears with variety flavors for all taste- at only $3.82! That cannot be beat.

I hope you will order your Black Forest gummy bears today or very soon, and let MR know once you have☺

Heck, I might be enjoying them at the same time you are.


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