Morning Message Monday🌱

Humor to start your day: I got the M&Ms on Deck.

Hopefully you caught the joke I just said above, lol.

You all I have to remain in high and uplifted spirits, because I have towers of obligations and titles this semester as a college student.

I will be an early bird almost everyday (except during small breaks hopefully), I am taking 5 college courses and I am a Course Assistant. Still, I am a debate member (exciting news: I got a debate scholarship finally!), and I am in Intervarsity. Instead of only one job like I had my first year I will have two jobs (add speech lab tutor to the picture, please)!

In 365 days I have already transitioned, and that is the greatest feeling a person can ask for.

Maybe today we should have a conversation about Transition.

Title of Today’s Morning Message: Smooth Transition

What crosses your mind when you heard a word such as “Transition”?

What do you associate “Transition” with?

Probably moving to a different place or changes.

These are some of the things we find ourselves saying as people every now and then in life: “I am going through a tough transition right now in my life.” “Every one please transition to the next location”.

Transition in the literal sense means I am going somewhere. It means I am changing spots and leaving.

Transition in deeper sense means that change is required, and in order to keep up or fulfill certain expectations something or someone must get up and move.

Guys, I have been in a transition phase for a while now.

God has been transitioning me.

There is alot I have taken notice of in the midst of this or these seasons, and I will hopefully share it one day at a time.

Transition means you must go to the next place, but transition also isn’t instantaneous.

The amazing part about a transition is that it happens slowly. You have plenty of time to take what you need and you don’t have to worry or fear you will get loss along the journey.

Trust in God, Trust in yourself, Trust in love. Especially if you are transitioning.

Warning: In this article I am referring to spiritual transition, and not a physical transition or sex change.



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