Instructions on Guide: How You Can Do It

Good morning.. Today is my first day of classes, and a brand new school year beginning. It is looking very bright, and for that I am thankful and excited.

Yesterday I published this wonderful Guide: How You Can Do It. It is a wonderful tool and resource, but I have it password protected. This means only certain people can access that article, and you must use a password to access it.

I really like that I have been able to password protect some things I create and publish on the website lately, because some things must be brought at a price. Everything in life will not always be free.

Anyway, I would love for you to be able to access this tool that is in relation to Affirmation Series Part 9: You Can Do It! If you would like to access it, simply contact me directly.

The best way to do that would be via our email at This document will provide a guide-like resource that isn’t complicated. It is important that we keep reminding ourselves and others about how powerful we really are- that is individually and collectively!




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