Today’s Second Smart Deal

Hello MentorshipRevolution Commumity, Friends, and Family!

Today I posted “I have a…… Smart Deal”, and I promised I would bring another Smart Deal before the day ended.

Well, here it is.

Today’s Second Smart Deal will consist of me telling you how much I love Black Forest Gummy Bears.

Yes, I bring to you today’s second smart deal…. Black Forest Gummy Bears!

Black Forest Gummy Bears are now my favorite gummy bears to snack on (Sorry Haribo!).

Let me share a few exciting things to know about Black Forest Gummy Bears:

– They can be brought organic ( yep, healthy and organic gummy bears and they are still fruity, sweet, and juicy)

– There is the classic kind and then the swirly bears

– The gummy bears come in 6 flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Pineapple, Orange, Apple, and Strawberry

– These gummy bears are fat free, gluten free, and all colors and sources are real instead of artificial

– Instead of gummy bears you can also buy Black Forest Gummy worms

Here is my bag of Black Forest Gummy bears! Don’t forget to buy yours soon.

I am going to share with you all the necessary links for you to click and purchase your own Black Forest Gummy bears:

This link is for those who want organic:


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