I have a…..Smart Deal

Hello MR Community, Friends, and Family!

If you don’t know yet MR has this thing we do on our website/blog called Smart Deal(s).

I love to share smart deals among the community that ranges from goods to products.

As a young adult and college student I know and believe that affordability and quality matters.

Let me repeat that statement: When shopping affordability and quality always matter.

Join MentorshipRevolution and gain easy access to smart deals that I share often.

Now are you ready for today’s smart deal?

Today’s smart deal will be…

Nutri-Grain bars!!

An inside fact: My name is Hannah Lassiter and as the founder of MentorshipRevolution I have been working on my physical and mental fitness all summer.

Along the way I discovered Nutri-Grain bars.

I can brag about the greatness of Nutri-Grain bars all day, but let me tell you a few things about this healthy and nutritious snack.

Nutri-Grain bars come in variety of flavors ( Blueberry, Strawberry, and Apple), they are whole grain, and they are just the right size for a snack after a nice workout or if you are in the office working at your desk.

This image shows me holding a blueberry flavored Nutri-Grain whole grain bar.

I am giving you a special link to click, and through this link you can order your very own box of Nutri-Grain bars ( in three flavors by the way!).

Here is the link: https://amzn.to/2LtB3x2

There are so many ways to purchase these Nutri-Grain bars, and you can choose the flavors and the number of bars you prefer to order!

I am happy to be doing this Smart Deal for you today, and I will be doing another smart deal for you before the day comes to an end☺

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