The Process of Maturity: A Chit Chat

Hi! If you are taking your time to read this hopefully you are willing to be apart of the group that will be diving into March’s Affirmation Series Topic: The Process of Maturity.

If you aren’t sure or was never sure I am sending you a private invitation. Yes! A private one📨

Have you received it yet? If so…Please open the letter because all mail sent soon becomes old and worn. You don’t want that to happen in this case.

I hope that you take time to look through this website and search for things that you find helpful. There is a variety of content I have created for you and your heart’s desire.

Even more exciting: It is all free. That is of now.

So, I have sent you a prsonal invite to join March’s Conversation, Information, and Reflection on The Process of Maturity.

There are many ways you can define maturity.

For instance, I am grown. I am an adult. I have fully developed body parts. I have control over my thoughts and reactions. On and on.

Well, I ask you to judge yourself as we begin this process. How mature do you think you are? How would those who know you and interact with you define your maturity level?

To be honest maturity wise ( using the scale above) I am going to judge myself as Good. I believe I am Good at acting and thinking maturely..

Not yet excellent, but that will be possible one day. Maturity is meant to be a lifelong process, but lack of maturity as an adult is something that should not be ignored.

Together we are going to define maturity, relate maturity, sentence maturity ( no jail!), and remember maturity (such as take it seriously it and evaluate how it matters in our life and growth).

Thank you for being part of MentorshipRevolution’s Affirmation Series Part 6: The Process of Maturity❤


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