Meaning of Maturity

In Part 6 of the Affirmations Series we are diving into “The Process of Maturity”.

The photo above defines maturity as being complete and well developed.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I desire to feel complete and well about myself.

I don’t want to be that adult who still acts as if they are a child. I dont’ want to be incapable of handing life responsibilities.

The process of Maturity involves the evolution of lives.

Going from a baby to a child, a child to a teenager, and a teenager to a fully formed and developed adult.

I warn you that maturity is less about fulfilling the demands of society and those selfish people around you, and more about healthy self image, adapting to all situations as much as needed, and recognizing you are expected to have proper standards in all you do ( getting older is equivalent to defining standards).

The journey of maturity involves the discovery of all you are as a person and a spirit.

We begin to form proper perspective about challenges and hardships.

This gleaning process allows us to become leaders of the next generation, and then before we know it we stand before people who admire us and respect our courageous way of thinking and living.

Ask yourself to define maturity ( and how this can apply to your life and influencing the route you are taking).

Maturity isn’t something that demands instant change, but understanding the importance of Maturity allows us to live a life of self control and individual power ( knowing our worth and that we have plenty of it).


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