MentorshipRevolution Guide To Enhancing Vocabulary

Hopefully by now you are familiar with my business/organization MentorshipRevolution. It was created to help sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century. I think the association of minds and lives shouldn’t be overlooked or tooken for granted. The mind is a powerful force, and everyday we are learning more and more that healthy minds are the greatest tool this earth has ever seen.

So MentorshipRevolution has decided to start a word of the day (we hope to place it on all platforms)! Here is the guide we offer to learning and remembering the meaning of a new word while you are on the adventure of enhancing your vocabulary.

1. Define it.

Find what the word means. Break down the meaning. Use a technique that will help you remember the word most.

2. Relate it.

Once you have understood and acquired the meaning of a word it is important to make it meaningful to you. Relate the word to daily life or associate it with something you are familiar with.

3. Sentence it.

Once you have defined a word, and related a word you must know how to create a comprehensible sentence using the word. This signifies and clarifies that you are on your way to grasping a word fully.

4. Remember it.

Last but not least, and the final piece to the puzzle. You must remember the words you learn. It is safe to say that usually the more you use, speak, think, and write a word overtime the easier the word will become to remember!

MR plans to start a word of the day series, and you can easily view it everyday. We will try posting it on all the platforms we use. The purpose is to reinforce that words are powerful, meaningful, and meant to be used wisely. Hopefully through this series MentorshipRevolution helps others examine their own personal vocabulary, and fully understand why that vocabulary matters. ❤


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