MentorshipRevolution (1) Word of The Day

You’ve being waiting, and we have been acting. Now we present MentorshipRevolution first word of the day.

Word of the day: Enlightenment

Define it: To understand the full comprehension of something. Awareness. Awakening ( out of sleep). As we say today you are enlightened if you are woke.

Relate it: You know how babies are. As they become children they start to grow and express. Children are child like, but can be reasonably alert and smart. Children become teenagers and this is the beginning of big shoes being filled. Once we become adults most adults experience enlightenment ( the extent of enlightenment can vary).

Sentence it: The day I had my first child is when everything within me felt differently, and this was the day I started the journey of enlightenment.

Remember it: You never forget the tough lessons you learn that life teaches you. Even though it is hard for our inner child, the struggles and trials we face in life are what leads to our individual enlightenment. Once enlightenment begins life is lived differently ( like it never was before).


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