Hosting Pens&Poetry

This class will combine many essential lessons.

I hope you haven’t forgotten about the class I am currently planning to host virtually for the youth.

It will be titled of course “Pens&Poetry.”

As the tutor sounds this course will be for children and teenagers ages 10-17.

As a published author, creative writer, and poet I am well aware of how poetry can positively benefit the life of the youth within a changing and unpredictable society.

Younger people are full of emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and there are many creative geniuses in the making🙌🏾

As an educator and aspiring teacher I want to help guide children down the path to exploring the limitless potential in their values, dreams, goals, and aspirations.

So, nothing we want to accomplish on a massive scale can be done alone people!

Therefore, if you are a parent reading this and you would like your child to participate in a virtual class teaching and focusing primarily on poetry, creative writing, literature, and creative expression please sign up now.

Also, share this post with other fellow parents or people that may be interested.

How to sign up? Well, please email me directly at Also feel free to leave a comment beneath this post confirming you are interested.

I am so excited about hosting “Pens&Poetry” very soon.


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