Affirmation Series 22: Loving Thyself

We are beginning a new month, and that also means it is time for us to open a new chapter in the book of our lives.

I am so excited to announce “Affirmation Series 22: Loving Thyself.”

The last chapter in the Affirmation Series that our community left off on was in March.

Do you remember the ways you held yourself accountable? What is the gift in holding ourselves accountable?

There are many benefits in holding ourselves accountable as young adults and older adults. The most obvious benefit is that we can honestly admit that we have room for improvement, and that at times we will make mistakes.

By ceasing to blame others or to make excuses for who we are and how our life is going there will be countless opportunities to live a better life and do what makes us happiest (what makes us feel most alive).

This is word.

So, who ever said that loving yourself is something you should put last on the list of important things in your life?

They were lying to you, but at least now you are encountering truth in multiple forms.

Join us in this month’s Affirmation Series as this community aspires to be a loving vessel and an atmosphere where love is more fully captured.

If you are interested in receiving a number of goodies such as articles, worksheets, materials, video content, podcasts, and even on 1 on 1 sessions that can all begin in the Affirmation Community starting at $only 5 a month.

Who wouldn’t say yes to this life changing package?

Think about that until we meet next time.


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