SuperSoulSunday Session(s)

Happy SuperSoulSunday!

I hope that today’s message is encouraging.

The Message

You are almost there. Just like that you have reached the end of another goal. Each day we are participating in this life as a runner. I hope you are more encouraged than ever to keep running for the grand prize. Don’t lay down, and never decide that the obstacles are insurmountable. The challenges in life aren’t placed to break us, but instead to make us.


Overall, have you been a successful and content runner?

What thoughts do you have daily, and how do you prepare to face unforeseen obstacles and challenges?

Feel free to share as always any of your lessons and stories regarding this week’s SuperSoulSunday topic.

Please Share This

I challenge you to share these mini sermon deliveries I do each with someone you know and love, or even share on social media.

It costs you nothing to do so, guys.


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