In June Let’s Build Racial Awareness🙋🏾‍♀️

21st Century Work Towards A Better World For Us All

Hello everyone,

I have spent the last two weeks or so carefully examining the social and political climate.

I must say it hasn’t all been very easy to digest, especially since I am an African American woman myself.

I am in the crossfire because my very future and the rest of those who share my color, culture, and social status exists on the achievement of social and racial justice.

There appears to be a new uprising taking place, and I along with others who have watched this occur in an instant must take our rightful place.

Where do we stand in this fight and these raging issues? What can we do?

Dedicating June to Racial Awareness

I am using my platform, MentorshipRevolution, to help spread racial equality, racial awareness, and education in general on all that is happening regarding black people demanding rightful change and justice.

First, we must understand what justice is. Then, we can examine what happens if justice isn’t served and how we can all support justice happening particularly in America.

Though, I am aware that those living outside the U.S.A can contribute to these issues and discussions as well.

Racism, prejudice, and violence on innocent people and lives exist everywhere. It is a very evil truth we must face.

Let’s all be praying and asking for restoration in every case


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