Black History Month: Remember, Reflect, and Revive

Black History Month: Remember, Reflect, and Revive

This is how we will honor black history, along with how we will engage it and peer into its open pages.

I hope that you will happily join our community, and also consider being apart of some excellent opportunities and engagements in 2020!

I am honestly raising the bar, and I hope that you see the reason why. For almost 2 years this community and organization has been easily accessible.

Remembering: Rosa Parks

If you are living in the world today than you must know about the historically famous African American woman Rosa Parks.

In 1955 Rosa Parks would inspire the Montgomery bus boycott when she refused persistently to hand her seat on the bus over to a white man.

She along with Martin Luther King are notable trailblazers from the Civil Rights Movement.

Reflecting on Rosa Parks

She was a woman who was never rich, attention-seeking, or lacking in strength.

She was a strong black woman who believed it was time to stop being afraid of white people and the injust system in America at the time.

We are exactly 35 years off from the 100 year anniversary of the day Rosa Parks chose to be arrested rather than treated like an inferior individual.

How would the world be today if Rosa Parks and other notable individuals and organizations in the world didn’t begin to speak up, stand up, and serve for change?

How does this inspire you to do the same and more if possible?

Reviving Rosa Parks

Rosa Park’s legacy lives on stronger today than ever before. She has statues and memorials that have been dedicated to her.

Rosa Parks said while alive that she would like to be remembered as: “I would like to be known as a person who is concerned with freedom and equality and justice and prosperity for all people.

Rosa Parks you will not be forgotten in our hearts or American History.


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