More on The MR Podcast🎤

Hello. What’s up?

My day has been pretty good, thank God.

There is never room for complaining over here, but instead room only for planning and trusting in God, myself, nd the process more and more ( don’t forget to join our affirmation series).

I am so happy about the success of my podcast ( our podcast) The MR Podcast.

In less than a year I got us on Spotify, Iheartradio, Castbox, and Google Podcast. This was less than 6 months after I decide to start a podcast.

One thing about success is you must not get ahead of yourself. Especially in today’s world where success can occur over night, and all the stressors that go along with it.

People have been downloading and listening to my podcast! That actually is big for me to comprehend a little, lol.

I want people to be eager to see what The MR Podcast will do next. I want to expand, accelerate, and improve as a radio host. I aspire to go live and engage with my listeners, guests, and supporters.

Very soon I will be surprising you all with an episode on meaningful mentors. Make sure you follow us so you never miss a new episode!

Here is the link:

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