Words on a Saturday about Vision

Saturday Afternoon

I have been down with a cold lately, and I haven’t had one of these in the last three years.

College+a lot of people+germs+stress= cold symptoms.

Does that formula sound about right?

This morning I have a morning message on my heart to share.

Saturday Message: Nurture The Inner Vision.

I follow this advice 24/7.

Life has thrown me some affairs that thoroughly threatened my belief in self, adaptability, and becoming an overall successful person.

When everything on the outside falls apart, what do you do next?

The wisest choice is to stop looking outside for all happiness, understanding, and acceptance.

I am a firm believer in that we all have an inborn capacity to love ourselves.

Otherwise, why would God make us as we are?

God knows there is a lot that inspires vision.

You must experience life, struggle, and be courageously curious in order to find the fire of vision.

The vision always looks good on the outisde looking in, but inside the vision is a heavy weight that inspires while some days it looks dimmer than the day it did before.

Think MentorshipRevolution.

A young African American gurl who has spent her entire life being relatively unknown from a small town of North Carolina.

But God gave me a vision to help serve and heal lives and minds ( honestly while he is still working on me).

Nurture the inner vision.

I have told you about vision, and shared a huge part of my vision. Now you must choose to care and manifest your own.

Happy Saturday!


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