Affirmation Series Part 10: Trust in Yourself & The Process is Still in Motion🏃


I hope you have had a good day thus far.

I announced a while ago that MR’s Monthly Newsletter for September will be postponed. So, stay tuned for October’s Monthly Newsletter👁

I need to get things back in motion, but if you only knew the load I am currently carrying on my back.

Right now I need to make sure I am not overloading myself and handling the things most necessary.

So, I am continuing Affirmation Series Part 10: Trust in Yourself & The Process.

I think this will be the cover photo.

This is just a way to deep topic to cover in only one month or less. It will take 2 months or longer to reach deep into the meaning and value of trusting ourselves, and the process that is our life.

Come with us as we envelop ourselves into understanding trust and the process.

This will be a life changing study and experience. One I believe you could never find anywhere else in the way MentorshipRevolution offers it 💯

Initially in July it was $25.00, which was a one time purchase for you to get July’s Affirmation Series and the rest of the Series (s) that would occur in the year 2019.

Since it is October if you haven’t yet joined the Affirmation Series with full access membership or purchased the bundle, I still am offering it.

Get the Affirmation Series (everything in it) now and for the rest of 2019 for only $13!

Please don’t make any excuses for not picking us this lifetime offer👎

I want you to be apart of October’s Affirmation Series Part 10: Trust in Yourself & The Process ( Continued).

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, I got you friend.


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