FYI Announcement for The MR Community


Of course I am sending my regular Good morning vibes, and well wishes that each one of you triumph in your day.

I am not out of bed yet, but thank God I am alive to see this day.

Well, it is another Friday and that means almost another week has passed before our eyes.

In a few days I am starting another year of college ( Jr.). Prayerfully I will graduate in the year 2020.

Loans are not a joke.

Life isn’t a joke.

In this FYI Announcement for The MR Community I wanted to announce that the rest of Affirmation Part 9: You Can Do It materials, content, and resources I produce will be password protected.

I love that I have this cool website, and that others are willing to join a community I decided to create.

Password Protected

But it isn’t about me, and I am thinking about all of us.

Moving on now and into the future if you are a subscriber/member don’t be dismayed if you can’t access certain material as use to be normal.

If you are already a community subscriber and member I will send you the password for you to enter and access exactly whatever it is you request.

For all those who don’t know yet we are currently in the month of August on Affirmation Series Part 9: You Can Do It!

Can you all believe we are entering into almost a year of the Affirmation Series?

I swear that we have the best Affirmation Series on the net or possibly in the world (no cap)!

*All Subscribers Email for password!



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