Good Morning & Weekly Challenge 8!

Good morning beautiful and brilliant ones.

Did you notice that I spiced up the greeting ? ( I love doing that to be honest!)

This beautiful morning I am already challenging myself personally, but I will not go into intimate details about this personal challenge.

It will be part of another testimony I share with you all in the near future.

If I am coming to you all so early that some of you aren’t even awoke yet, that is fine.

Hopefully this new weekly challenge ( can you believe it has been 8 weeks?) will make your day even more awesome to look forward to.

This week I challenge you to: Detach!

Yes, I said it. Loudly. Simply, and Clear.

Detach. Separate. Get rid of something. Express yourself. Rest or maybe delay doing something that you believe has to be part of your daily schedule.

You should all know by now that in July we are currently in the Affirmation Series Part 8: The Detachment Process!

Here is the link for easy access to click and join:

Don’t hesitate bright people because July is not wasting time.

I am going to reveal what I have been working on thus far with exclusive members only who have paid the fee amount and is ready to do the work.

I love what I am doing here with MentorshipRevolution, but a shift has occurred.

This week’s weekly challenge is connected with the theme of the month, which is Detachment.

If you are not sure why I am using detachment- then let me refer back to the image I posted on this website in the beginning of the month.

This week you must detach, and I am challenging myself to do the same.



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