Join The MR Podcast🔊

Hi MR Community! I hope this day has been one of productivity, peace, and positivity so far.

As the picture above shows The MR Podcast is flourishing. We have went from having 0 followers like 3 months ago to now having 17 followers.

The progress isn’t moving swift as the wind, but I celebrate every move we make forth in this community and movement.

I plan to record another episode asap, and i have a few ideas on what message i want to talk about next. But I don’t want you to miss notifications and updates! Therefore, please click this link and follow The MR Podcast:

The MR Podcast is now on all these popular platforms for your convenience to listen

As you can see the only wave we have yet to be on is Apple Podcasts. Which that can be a goal as we move forward. Do you realize you are witnessing the start of a 21st century movement? You are one of the first to be on board, and that is for a special purpose.

Thank you for your attention. Thank you for your prayers and support.


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