Share Mentorshiprevolution

I started this challenge a few months ago, but it ain’t stopping.

Today Marks MentorshipRevolution 1st year anniversaryūüéČ

I am happy to be celebrating it with people who have proven they have faith, vision, and still believe in the art of respectful community.

Come on! I need you to start spreading the word about MentorshipRevolution. Don’t you think this community is something worth sharing? You have seen the work we are doing!

If you do the Share MentorshipRevolution Challenge I will grant you an upfront deal to the new mentorship program that MentorshipRevolution just started!

After sharing it on social media platforms or even through whatever messenger app you use you must email

It is as simple as being courageous, unashamed, and taking action.

That was the purpose of starting this community, and that mission continues.


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