MR’s Book Club 2020📔

Welcome to MR’s New Book Club!

It is the year 2020, and we are beginning a new year and decade.

That I can’t repeat enough.

Let’s read some of the best literature ever written.

Let’s create an open platform in which we can share our ideas about literature, dissect, discuss, and digest.

Because all of us that love reading knows just how enjoyable but taxing it can be.

We are reading first….

The first book MR’s Book Club will be reading is Michelle Obama’s Becoming!

I have a little secret. I have held this book for almost an entire year, and now I am pushed to read it and digest it.

It was a birthday gift from my mom for my 19th birthday, and I likely would have read it a year ago if it wasn’t for me being a full time business woman.

This is how the book looks.

If you aren’t sure about where to buy this book, or have never even heard of it or seen it. That is fine.

This platform is about educating minds, learning, and enjoying the art of reading literature written by an array is diverse authors.

You can find this book in places such as Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Amazon, and Audible. It is your preference that will help you decide how to purchase this autobiographical novel.

There are still a few things that will be worked out regarding the running of our new book club, but we are officially up and running.

Just how long we will be reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming I have to decide.

If you have any questions, concerns, or interests please feel free to email us at🙂