How To Contact Us

MentorshipRevolution was created to help sustain the lives and minds of people living in the 21st century. It was created to provide others with connections, resources, and information that will enlighten them and bring out the best of them.

Since this website/business was recently created in June 2018 it is still very much in the middle of development and operation. But as the person who founded this business I will be willing to listen and help others who are interested in the services this business provides, has questions and concerns, or who intends to make contributions. Below will be necessary contact information:

Instagrams: hannahayanna( only business)

Iamchosen 2000 ( personal but I can still be reached)

*A phone number contact will be added very soon and is in the process of being made.

Sincerely, Hannah Lassiter and MentorshipRevolution Founder☺