Early Morning Organizing/Sorting

In the office of MentorshipRevolution.

Good Saturday people,

I hope you all have an amazing Saturday.

Many of you may have noticed that in the last year I haven’t posted as often as I once used to.

Well, this year has been a year of soaring for MentorshipRevolution.

I am working with so many clients, students, young adults, and even older adults.

MentorshipRevolution has been obedient, and we are changing lives by means of educating, teaching, mentoring, guiding, and supporting other individuals and families.

I do run this business and organization solely, so on many days it can get far overwhelming.

But, I think it is worth fulfilling the calling, purpose, and mission God has for me and MentorshipRevolution as an organization.

Make sure you are sorting, organizing, and always prepared!

By the way: Teachers we play a very important role in society. Let’s do our job (s) fearlessly, courageously, bravely, and optimistically.



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