Help us as we contribute to global education🙌🏾

Good Saturday and Good Morning!

I hope you are looking forward to a weekend that is restful and reviving.

Can you believe it is almost October? That is completely insane!

How has your year been and what memories or accomplishments did you form or make this year?

Feel free to share with us in the comments.

Now, the fundraiser is still running (there are two).

Please consider donating to MentorshipRevolution fundraiser today as we are on a mission to educate the youth and this current generation (and hopefully on and on that goes).

Here is the link to donate this weekend:

Every cent counts and every dollar counts. Before this year end you have the perfect opportunity to contribute to a charitable cause.

I appreciate MentorshipRevolution real and genuine community members and supporters. May God bless you abundantly 🙏🏾


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