Interested in one on one telephone “coaching calls?”

Good evening,

I hope you all are having a great day thus far!

This day has been very beautiful for me. Every day is beautiful right?

Remember that old saying “When life gives you lemons make lemonade.”

That is a very true statement and reflection upon one pondering.

Let me announce: We now have a phone line where you can reach us again!!

For the last year or so MentorshipRevolution hasn’t had a phone line where you can reach us. That’s changing in September 2021.

Phone number to reach MentorshipRevolution: (704)-993-6361

As the title says we are also now offering telephone coaching consultations.

If you aren’t interested in being seen at the moment or meeting via Zoom that is perfectly fine.

I am happy to offer you a telephone coaching consultation.

Besides coaching calls our line is available during the day for other general purposes. Maybe you have just came across MentorshipRevolution or just found out that our organization exist. Any questions you may have we are able to answer and would love to point you in the direction you are seeking at this time in your life. As far as prices for coaching calls contact us and we will go from there.

I am excited to have you on board and I hope you will be compelled to become a partner with us as well this year😊🙏🏾

Let’s all end 2021 on a successful and positive note❤️


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