Help Support Us☑️

Good morning,

We are currently running two fundraisers right now.

This year we are looking forward to the support and generous donations of those invested in the mission of “caring for minds and lives.”

Since day one that is what MentorshipRevolution has preached, and that is what we march forward doing.

2021 has been a very prestigious year of blessings for us, and I am excited to see how many more students and youth we will work with within private and group sessions.

This year things truly moved forward in fast forward motion!

Preparation is key and as a sole entrepreneur I was prepared but also astonished at how my vision for this organization was manifesting right before my very eyes 😊

Please help us with a generous donation here today if you feel propelled to do so:

If you have any further questions about MentorshipRevolution and what we do please email us directly at


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