Research Study Opportunities (Very Informative)

Good afternoon,

I want to inform our community that MentorshipRevolution is excited to inform you that we will be introducing research study opportunities.

I, as the founder graduated this year as a Psychology major and Sociology minor. So, I am passionate about academics, education, research, and advocacy.

I know many of you may not be that familiar with research studies and what being a participant in one entails.

I, myself participated in my first research study only last year.

First things first, research studies are entirely 100% consensual. Meaning if you don’t want to participate or have zero interest in participating that is okay.

Secondly, I advise you only participate in research studies that you are qualified for and in which you meet the requirements.

If research studies do sound interesting to you I hope you have found this article resourceful.

Go ahead and subscribe to this website, so you will never miss any posted research study opportunities or anything else this platform features!

By the way please email us directly at if you are interested in hearing more about what research studies are and our connections.

Continue to have an amazing 2021😊


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