Accepting Generous Donations

Good morning my community and friends,

I hope you are planning on going out today and making every minute of your day what it is worth!

Remember self-love is where it starts. Giving yourself the love, compassion, acceptance, and appreciation you would also share with your neighbor and other fellow human beings.

I have always been very candid with you all as a sole business owner and founder of the platform/organization MentorshipRevolution.

There has been a struggle for MentorshipRevolution to receive financial support and funding.

I have never made it a big deal because business is business and I stand by the mission of MR, and I feel fortunate to even be blessed by God with the vision for a community and global organization such as this.

With all of that being said and mentioned I would like if you could help us by donating a generous donation.

You would be supporting and contributing to a small business.

Below I will have how you can do just that:

Cash App: $Iamchosen2000


If you can donate $5 that would be just fine, or if you could donate more that would be equally as appreciated.

I hope you know that by partnering with MentorshipRevolution and donating generously you are making a significant impact within our organization and outreach.

I am a 21 year old that was graced with the vision of this organization in 2018 at 18 years old.

We have come a very long way in the three years and I have no doubt about us continuing to fulfill our global mission of caring for and helping in the preservation of minds and lives. ❤️


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