Join this online class I am offering: Pens & Poetry

I announced a while ago (maybe a few weeks ago) that I am going to begin teaching an online class for students 10-17 years old.

Well, now this online class has a name. It will be titled “Pens & Poetry.”

I am really in love with this name I was inspired to give the online course. It is cute, simple, and descriptive.

Sign up your child today.

Does it sound like your child would be interested in joining a virtual class where they learn all things poetry and creative writing?

Let’s be completely honest. How many online classes are teaching students K-12 about poetry and creative writing?

Not many, so I think there is so much need for a course such as the one I have been inspired to create.

How do I sign my child up?

The good news is that you/your child will be at the top of the list if you sign them up for “Pens & Poetry” in the month of June.

I haven’t released prices yet, and I am still not completely ready to do so.

In the meanwhile we are forming a list so please make sure you directly contact us at or even on our Facebook at “Mentorship.”

I guarantee you your child will have their name added to the list for this new online class.


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