We offer 2 services within 1.

Tutoring & Mentorship Services

Here at MentorshipRevolution, we specialize in many areas that are considered beneficial to the public and humanity.

The mission statement we have abided by since 2018 when we were first launched has always been “To help care for and sustain the minds and lives of people living around the world globally.”

It will never change, so we stand firmly in 2021 as we see drastic improvement in our business, community, and the tangible impact we have been able to have already in this year.

Have you ever heard of an extremely affordable service that offers 2 services within what is commonly known as only 1 service?

MentorshipRevolution has worked long and hard on developing products and services using this formula of “2 within 1.”

As the founder of MentorshipRevolution, I started this business when I was only 18 years old and I have always ran it independently.

There is so much I can share about the testimony of this small business, but in this article I am informing you about the “2 within 1” services we offer for those like you living in your community.

Why Our Mentorship Program Is Worth Joining?

So, within our Mentorship Program we offer two services. These two services include tutoring and mentorship.

This is kind of different than the years prior to 2021, since I had designed the Mentorship Program to focus exclusively on mentorship.

Now, I am offering opportunities for consumers and those interested in joining the Mentorship Program to receive not only mentorship (that is life changing and defining), but as well tutoring services.

I am a certified life coach and a certified peer tutor. So, both of these have a soft spot in my heart and I want to see the lives of others improved and progressing due to such one of a kind services.

So, what do I do next?

Stay on the lookout for a new booking calendar to be posted on this website.

Also, make sure you are 100% following us at MentorshipRevolution.com.

Come join this community that is free to join, and have your life changed in the process!

Please feel free to contact me directly as the founder and manager of MR at MentorshipRevolution24.7@gmail.com.


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