The Surprise in Honoring Your Self💎

Start Honoring You (in 2021)

This month we will discuss the importance of honoring yourself in Affirmation Series 20: Honoring Self (Self-Mastery).

This year I am prioritizing honoring myself, and discovering more about who I am/my purpose.

A few things has motivated this decision. One, I am turning 21 this year and the other reason is I am now a college graduate (ending the season of my life in undergrad).

Why we should Honor Ourselves?

As we get older and become adults we know and value more the importance of self-care and personal wellbeing.

We can’t afford to neglect our very own mental health, wellness, self-care, or personal wellbeing.

We should be living advocates for these causes, and act as a role model.

Those who are leaders and revolutionary know this, and that is part of why we admire them in the first place (they embody honor).

In honoring ourselves we learn we are honoring others as well, and in honoring others we come to realize we are honoring ourselves.

This is what we are doing here.

In February of 2021 we are not wasting anytime.

Every moment of life is cherish-able and tender.

Think of all those we have lost since Covid-19.

How can we honor them this month (remember their lives and what they lived for)?

This month is Black History Month!

I am an African American woman and young entrepreneur.

How can I honor my ancestors and history, while also connecting with other historical figures alive and in action today?


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