Honoring Self (Self-Mastery), Maturity Masterclass

I promised it, so let’s get started.

So, I have noticed that many of the visitors to this website loved the maturity affirmations post.

If you haven’t viewed that post yet, please feel free to find it on the search engine and do so.

I am taking what I did in 2019 two steps further in 2021.

This month in Affirmation Series 20: Honoring Self (Self-Mastery) we are not only hosting our monthly Affirmation Series, but also I am starting a master class.

Super stoked to be starting my very own masterclass, and I figure I have a lot to pour into it.

More information will be released regarding this master class daily and weekly (such as prices, how to purchase ticket, what will be available in the masterclass, etc).

How excited are you about this month’s theme of Affirmation Honoring Self and Self Mastery?


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