Affirmation Series 20: Honoring Self (Self Mastery)

Let’s Start January on the Right Note!

Well, I introduce to you this month’s Affirmation Series. Honoring Self (Self Mastery).

As the title displays there will be a lot of noteworthy context to dig into. I can guarantee you this is the month you will want to become apart of the Affirmation Community.

I really like this picture because it sums up what honor looks like for many of us. Honor means integrity, respect, and responsibility. It isn’t a word we should ever use lightly.

There is so much to unravel, and as I have shared in another announcement we are starting a Master Class soon on this same subject.

Take advantage of these opportunities to invest in yourself and the person you are becoming (2021 isn’t a year to take things for granted, including yourself).


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