Recognizing The Country India (Shout out)

Recognizing India.

India is the second country next to America to have the highest viewership on this website,

That right there is purely amazing!

I have never been to India, but I thank this country for rocking with MentorshipRevolution as it has been doing in the last two years (going on three our next anniversary).

We hope you all have been celebrating every milestone with us, and I would love to hear from more of MentorshipRevolution Community members and supporters living in India (or native to).

Indian Family.

Hi, y’all! If you are from India and you have been enjoying the content, resources, and educational elements of this organization please share with us why.

What has been the most rewarding thing you have received from MentorshipRevolution?

Share with us in the comments section below, or email us at

By the way, please make sure you have joined us on Facebook as well (name of group is Mentorship).

Thanks 🙂


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