6.5K Manifestation.

Dream and Manifest

You have permission to dream. Stop listening to the voices that tell you dreams never come true (or dreams aren’t allowed in the real world).

To be honest, if I would have listened to those voices (and they were extremely proud and loud) I wouldn’t have accomplished many of the things yet I proudly share on this platform.

I would have believed in the status quo, and I would be quite content with it as well. But, I know that in these years of my youth I feel called to go beyond the status quo. I have been through too much and been gifted with all sorts of gifts and skills that I can use daily.

There is nothing wrong with using what God has blessed you with. Stop being intimidated by God, stop being intimidated by the gifts and opportunities he will bring your way.

I will elaborate on that more in this month’s Affirmation Series 19: Exceeding Expectations. If you could benefit from more tools and content like this than I advise you to purchase your Affirmation Series Package (only $5 a month).

Let’s look forward to manifesting goodness and health.

By the way, what goodness did you manifest in 2020? Be specific.

God bless.

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