Maturity Master Class Coming to the Affirmation Community (2021)

You all asked, I am delivering

In 2019 there was an Affirmation Series on the topic of Maturity.

Many of you loved it, because those posts are highly viewed on this website.

Well, I believe that we should continue to build and teach on the topic of Maturity (partly because you can’t teach too much about it anyway, oh and I also love learning more on Maturity myself).

I am still figuring out completely all the other details you all would be interested in knowing, but starting in 2021 we will have a master class on the topic of Maturity.

How does that sound?

No, it will not be as cheap as $5 a month, but it will be worth your month worth’s.

I have been receiving feedback from you all, and there are many people I need to go ahead and add to the emailing list.

I am way too excited about what 2021 has in store for each and everyone of us!

Let’s keep looking up guys to better days.


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