3K in 2020.

I want to simply say thank you everyone amongst this platform that reads, follow, and likes.

This year 2020 MentorshipRevolution blog and website (which is an extension and representative of our global organization and community) reached 3K views in one year!

That is a celebratory milestone, and I couldn’t have achieved this accomplishment without those daily and weekly readers/visitors.

I hope this blog has been inspiring and motivating for many all over the world. I hope as a 20 year old African American woman starting from the bottom I can encourage other young entrepreneurs, writers, and talented individuals.

My blogging journey officially started online in 2014 with Wattpad. Most online readers and those that are tech savvy should be familiar with this wonderful platform.

In 2017 I would start my first blog here on WordPress, which was titled “Motivationfortheliving.”

In 2021 I look forward to us breaking the net even more, as I am speaking it into existence!

If you are interested in finding a mentor please contact me at MentorshipRevolution24.7@gmail.Com.

Join us at Facebook via this link https://m.facebook.com/home.php#!/MentorshipRevolution/?ref=bookmarks

I am glad to say that we have reached over 400 followers and likes on our community page🎊

Besides the Mentorship Program subscribe to The MR Podcast. Don’t let this year end without us reaching 1K on that.

By the way, each month we do a Question Column. Send in your questions (you can ask us anything, unfiltered) so we can feature them as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for SuperSoulSunday Sessions coming any minute today, blessings and love.


Your lovely founder, Hannah Lassiter


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