6K Giveaway Details😎

Here are the 6K Giveaway Details (long awaited)

Hello, thank you all so much for helping MentorshipRevolution reach 6,000 views nationwide! We were started by a Gen Z member passionate about education, community, mentorship, and inspiring others to become the best version of their self. I was only 18 when started this organization and movement, so I was very new and unfamiliar to the entrepreneurship field and the commitment it requires. I just knew that seeds of faith had been planted, and I was beyond ready to make sure they were watered.
For the last giveaway of 2020 I will be choosing two lucky winners and also MentorshipRevolution community members/supporters. Gifts will be offered in two bundle selections.
1. The first bundle for the first winner will consist of: 2 $10 Walmart gift cards, a copy of my first self-published book Poetry For Girls That Struggle, and free admission into Affirmation Series Class 19: Exceeding Expectations.
2, The second bundle will consist of: Free life coaching or mentoring sessions sponsored by MR Mentorship Program for an entire month (the winner can choose 3-6 sessions and length of sessions), and a free copy of my first self-published book Poetry For Girls That Struggle.

Now, let’s discuss entry details.

I have shared what gifts will be given to winners of the giveaway, and now I need to share details on entering this giveaway.
First and foremost to be a winner of this specific giveaway you must be a member of MentorshipRevolution and a supporter as well. This is what you must do to enter our final giveaway of the year:
1. Follow Mentorship Group on Facebook.
2. Follow us on Instagram at @mentorshiprevolution101.
3. Subscribe to The MR Podcast on any of the mainstream listening platforms.
4. Join MentorshipRevolution mailing list.
5. Create a video that is at least 30 seconds sharing how impactful MentorshipRevolution has been from your experience, and why this community is positively contributing to society.
After following these steps you should leave a comment on the Facebook Group Page or email us at MentorshipRevolution24.7@gmail.com saying “I have entered the giveaway.”

This giveaway will close 2 weeks from now, so I wish you much luck in winning and thank you for entering and celebrating with us! We are moving into 7K.


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