There is success ahead (Aspiring to be the best version of self).

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Title: Affirmation Series 17, Aspiring to be the best version of self.

Purpose: Be reminded that much success lies ahead.


Honey, I tell you that your time hasn’t come to an end yet despite what you may be going through in this season.

As a matter of fact the things we go through has to be moved to the side so we can be the great people God crested us to be.

Which version of yourself are you living for the most?

Are you looking for a mentor in this season because I am looking for mentees who are ready to begin living life in a way that is extraordinary and purposeful?

You get to call the shots as an adult in deciding whether you want a mentor or whether you don’t.

If you are younger than 18 this message still implies to you, and I can begin mentoring you today as well.

If this is your first time discovering mentorship have no fear.

Every mentor wants their mentee to become successful, confident, and clear (clear on identity and why they matter to this world).

Begin envisioning success, and let’s see what happen.


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