College Q&A Question 2.

College Q&A: How do I choose my major?

You are applying to college(s), and now you must declare a final major. You may also be asking what options do I have as a student?

Besides declaring one major you can also double major, or declare a single major and a minor as well (second to a major).

In the list below I will provide tips that can help you on making that final decision you need to make:

1. Ask yourself what classes did I actually enjoy in school?

2. Consider what area or field you would be most committed to studying for many years (interests, skills, abilities, etc).

3. Consider prior experience you have gained, and what you were involved in.

4. Look into majors that can be turned into long-term successful careers (based on you and your skillsets/interests).

5. Speak to your high school guidance counselor for guidance, advice, information, and direction for resources.

That’s It for Q&A Part 2!

I hope that you were able to take at least a tidbit of something from the answer I provided above.

The major you choose as a college student is extremely important. Make the decision that serves you and your future best!


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