Affirmation Series Part 15: Praying for Unleashed Prosperity

Continuing Part 3 of “Unleashed Prosperity”

In every season we should be prayerful. That we know.

Within this community I will continue praying that we all have unleashed prosperity in as many ways God intends us to.

With everything occurring globally I think that we are all becoming more aware and alert of how fast change can occur, and why preparation is better than hesitation and procrastination.

I really hope you all are making it as sound as you possibly can, and please pray for my strength as well.

You Are Invited

Are you at home now with more time on your hands, or possibly have been looking for online community long before Covid-19?

No need to wonder! This is the community for you.

Visit “Website Mission” and scroll down to insert your email and subscribe.

If you do this you are well on your way to see a blessing after investing in yourself completely free of charge (not even a penny)!

In August we are continuing to affirm Unleashed Prosperity.

Make sure you subscribe because much of the Affirmation Series Content will now be private and exclusive 😉


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