Let’s welcome @dreadpoetssobriety

Welcome @dreadpoetssobriety to MentorshipRevolution

Hello everyone!

When I first started this community and organization in 2018 I remember making it crucially important to recognize MR’s main supporters and contributors.

Well, I would like to welcome @dreadpoetssobriety to MR after they have recently started following not one but two of the blogs I authorize!

Welcome @dreadpoetssobriety, and thank you for deciding to subscribe.

If you haven’t subscribed yet please visit “Website Mission” page, and enter your email in the subscribe box.

Therefore, you will never miss anything that is happening amongst us.

We are glad to have you here going forward.

Support @dreadpoetssobriety

By the way, please follow @dreadpoetssobriety blog!

Things look very cool over there from what we can see so far https://dreadpoetssobriety.com/2020/07/13/we-all-float/

Interested in being recognized

If you are interested in a supporter shoutout please start following and subscribing today.

We would still love to have you become apart of A New Kind of Community in 2020❤️


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