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I have bangers coming back to back

Welcome to A New Kind of Community, which is also known as MentorshipRevolution.

This online community is also an organization, business, and mentorship service.

I hope you find yourself at home on my website, and take time exploring the enlightening and educational resources this site (deliberately designed) contains.

I have bangers coming back to back in the next few days, but unless you subscribe and become a member Now you will not have access to everything.

Emphasize: Subscribing is easy

It is soooo easy to subscribe Today and become a member of MentorshipRevolution.

Right now, I don’t require paid membership. I could, but I don’t for many reasons.

This platform has grown tremendously in the last two years, but we are only getting started.

If you would like to subscribe for membership access please visit the page that is titled “Website Mission”.

Scroll midway (going down…) through this page and you will see a picture of a spoon in stirred coffee with cream.

Insert your email in that box and press submit.

From there you have become not only a member of this community, but you will also stay informed on all that happens and what is posted on this website going forward!

Thank you for being apart of MentorshipRevolution. God bless❤️

Sincerely, Hannah Lassiter

Founder of MentorshipRevolution (est. 2018)


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